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the Inspiration

Mentorship, in one form or another, has been the backbone of heroes across ages. From mythology to modern times, the people at the forefront of the major development had always had mentors who guided them to success.

From Krishna & Arjuna Mahabharata to Chanakya & Chandragupta Mourya to Aristotle & Alexander during his conquest of the world, in eastern and western societies alike, the tradition of learning the tricks of life through one-on-one interaction with someone with profound knowledge and experience was always there.

In modern times, who doesn’t know that Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Similarly, Oprah Winfrey, the popular TV personality, credits the mentorship of Maya Angelou for her immense success.

Even the superheroes needed mentorship to save the planet. Can you imagine Batman without Alfred or HarryPotter be without Dumbledore? Pretty tough to imagine, right?

Mentorship enlightens you with the essential knowledge you need to excel in your career business.Or if we were to borrow Lord Krishna’s own words: “The wise ones who have realized the truth will impart the knowledge to you.”

the Inseption

At MentorLab, we identified the knowledge gap and the struggles any professional or entrepreneur faces at the start of their journey.
People with expertise and people who could benefit from their expertise are both here in Nepal, the only thing keeping them apart was a lack of a dedicated mentorship platform, and that is where MentorLab Nepal chips in.

MentorLab Nepal is Nepal’s first mentoring platform bringing together famous mentors with enormous experience and mentees looking for guidance.

Businesses & professionals get access to 1-on-1 mentoring online via email, phone and video.

MentorLab will have a pool of mentors who will be experts in related fields. Mentorship can be a one-off session or on an ongoing basis to provide continued advice and support. Our idea is to kickstart a thriving community dedicated to mentoring in Nepal.

Our Vision

We aim to enable every individual and business to thrive through mentorship and knowledge resources.

Our Mission

MentorLab’s mission is to provide a platform to individuals & businesses where they get useful mentoring from leading mentors and kickstart their success. We aim to make genuine connections between the mentors and mentees that benefit both parties. We want people to defeat their fear of failure, overcome doubts, show perseverance in the face of struggle and learn new skills that make their progress a sustainable one.

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